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we reach millions of unique users in EMEA territories every month
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Promotion and marketing is the most important part of audience development, we highlight the promotion as an opportunity to create advertising, direct marketing and brand loyalty. We promote your content cross-platform by using a reach of tens of millions of unique users worldwide.

Brand protection

Creating a brand and protecting it while securing growth requires a lot of investment. A growth strategy itself is a valuable asset for any rights holder. We have developed an infrastructure to be able to enforce brand protection in the digital market by taking all necessary measures. This includes detailed analytics and reporting.

Content protection

Copyright infringement damages the work and reputation of content creators. We have developed tools and techniques to prevent unauthorized content reproduction and content monetization by offering various methods to prevent illegal downloading and streaming, while reclaiming advertising revenue generated by unauthorized third parties. Unauthorized (re)distribution causes huge revenue loss and also evaporates past investments.

Rights clearing

Distributing content in digital markets requires more proper administration and record-keeping by each party involved while arranging for platform or territory specific contracts. Therefore we provide our partners with access to a large portfolio of legal instruments and documentation, developed by well-known law firms in Germany.


As we reach an audience of tens of millions of unique users worldwide, our content distribution and monetization generates a huge impact. In different markets, companies seek to license music content for use on a variety of platforms and uses, in many different languages. We will help your music content to get global visibility by enhancing licensing efforts.


We distribute music content and TV shows to hundreds of online and digital platforms. The content distribution process ensures very fast availability on streaming and download-to-own platforms. Fast and reliable content distribution allows your customers to access your content in the most quick and reliable way.

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With over hundreds of clients all over Europe and an audience of tens of millions of unique users and hundreds of millions of streams each month, you can become part of a wonderful community that is growing more and more each day, contributing to your success, online visibility AND overall revenue due to smart content distribution and monetization strategies as well as superb content protection efforts.

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Memberships & Certifications

Acromax Media has achieved various certifications and is a member of well-known international organisations.

Distribution & Protection

These are some of the platforms where the content of our customers is being distributed, monetized and protected.

About Us

Company history and activity: Acromax Media GmbH was founded in 2007. In the first 3 years we were providing software development services and content protection software to the audiovisual and entertainment industry, but our ambitious clients wanted more. We continued to license content from rights holders, and created a specialized team which currently offers great support, label management for artists and producers, and develops great market values such as unique music brands. We also built a big network with a large number of highly qualified and very talented artists, producers, authors, and music labels.

Due to close collaboration with our customers we would become one of the largest media companies in the market of online distribution. Today we are proud of everything we have built together with our clients and with our specialized team which has provided their expertise and experience and culture to defend the interests, artistic integrity and business of our customers.

Contact & Imprint

Acromax Media GmbH
Neuer Wall 63
20354 Hamburg

Managing Director / Represented by: Aldor Nini
VAT-ID: DE256031030
Registered at the Amtsgericht Hamburg / Germany, case number HRB 150385

E-Mail: info@acromax.de
Phone: +49 40 609 44 111
Fax: +49 40 609 44 112